Egg Inc Mod Apk 2024 (Unlimited Golden Eggs + Money)

Egg Inc is a game where you begin with only a few chickens on your farm. You aim to succeed in making a maximum profit or doubling it by using modern farming techniques. The graphics are amazing, but the controls are excellent. Download to hire truckers to transport the eggs to market and upgrade your hen farming experience.
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Since ancient times, people have been interested in the mysteries of life. And in a few decades, we’ll finally know what makes us tick. As in the simulation game Egg, Inc. mod apk you manage an egg farm. It would help if you had the drivers and workers for your hen house and money for selling the eggs. You desire to make enough profit so it can be repurchased at its original price or more than double.

What was invested into initial farm buildings like houses where chickens live, etcetera? Hatching chickens and designing your own hen house for them to live out their days peacefully. Don’t worry about predators that might attack while sleeping at night. With simple controls paired with engaging 3D graphics gameplay, there has never been such excitement in any game.

Story Of The Egg Inc

No limits exist, providing you with all you’ll need to create an excellent farm. Its laid-back atmosphere and lovely appearance will appeal to anyone. On the other hand, the more seasoned incremental players have the opportunity to build a vast farm. Over many achievements, it encourages strategizing by balancing players’ play styles. So they can accomplish their ultimate goal of laying one ginormous egg in a single nest.

Take Care Of Chickens

To make a successful egg production business, you first need to know what your chicken needs. How best care for them? To avoid making any mess out of it later on with their health, take reasonable steps now. The three most important buildings are, The Coop (for housing chickens), the Nursery (to produce more eggs) & Chow Shack(a place where food comes alive).

Earn Unlimited Eggs And Money With Pro Permit

There’re many ways to make money or get golden eggs, aside from doing chicken businesses. You can build Grain Silos on your farms. They will generate income over time automatically and invest in Piggy Bank. You get rewards when you complete a mission or upgrade it with gold coins and a pro permit.

Become a dynamic egg-laying chicken and explore the world. Build your empire by completing missions with a variety of objectives. There is no better moment to get started on this fun-filled adventure. Hundreds of rewarding challenges are waiting for you, and you can unlock new prizes.


This game is a perfect blend of futuristic graphics and 3D animations. It makes your journey through the world feel like you’re there. The giant sandbox where everything can happen lets players build their empires from scratch. There are no restrictions or boundaries on how big it may become.

Sounds And Music Effects

Imagine waking up in a world where chickens have taken over. In your dream, you hear all of their distinctive sounds, and music affects them throughout every corner. They perform various tasks, from making eggs to being operated on by humans or other animals.


Upgrading Of Farm And Hen Houses

Growing a farm and selling eggs is the best way to make money in this game. To do that, you’ll need to send your hens to their houses every so often. There’s also an “eject” button on the bottom right corner with two chickens sitting next to it. Egg farmers should upgrade all four of the buildings as soon as possible.

The hen house where chickens live once again after being tossed last time. The silo stores grains and produces until someone buys some upfront. Upgrade the transport trucks and other vehicles as well as it is necessary to send the eggs to the market.

Research Process

For better production in a profitable egg farm, you need thorough research. It costs quite a bit of money and time, but it’s well worth the investment in these areas if done correctly. Invest your profits from eggs every day into upgrading infrastructure.


Often it requires careful thought before you Prestige. This will cause you to start over again, but with massive money per egg after prestiging. Eventually, after allows for quicker progress through the farm levels by producing special golden eggs. While simultaneously keeping what has been established.

You’ll also get your old stuff back, and there are several drawbacks, including starting from the bottom. If you give up membership perks such as prestige status, which might be pretty beneficial if chosen correctly.

Role Of Drones

Drones will constantly nag you. Tap on them; they will drop some soul eggs you can cash out for decent money if your farm is close to town. The rewards are small at first, but as long as you keep catching those pesky machines. Then eventually, their prize sizes increase drastically, so what do you say? It’s not worth risking an empty wallet.

Profit On Eggs

You’ll earn more money per egg as you play the game and how much value there is on your farm. It’ll take some time to reach higher values, but you may make $0.25 for each in the beginning stages. Eventually may even increase up to tachyon eggs worth 50k. So upgrade those incubators now because once they’re full-grown, their potential becomes limitless.

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Golden Eggs

Boosting is an excellent way to save time and allows you to cut eight hours off your schedule. The problem is that the golden eggs are required for unlocking particular research. You should save them up because they’ll never return, and make sure you don’t lose. If criteria are satisfied, boosting allows players to skip through essential operations easily.

How to Download And Install Egg Inc Mod Apk

  1. Click on the given download button.
  2. It will be started within 10 seconds.
  3. Enable thirds party sources “Unknown Sources” from the device setting.
  4. Click on the install button.
  5. Congrats, you have successfully installed the game mod version.
  6. Play the game and enjoy its unlocked features.


Egg Inc mod apk is a 3D graphics simulation game where you start with a few chickens on your farm. Your goal is to make enough profit to be repurchased at its original price or doubled. Take on all sorts of tasks like collecting eggs from chickens and driving them around. Selling the products for money and researching new technologies would greatly benefit the business.


What's new

- Icon change
- small improvements and bug fixes



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