My Singing Monsters Mod Apk 2024 Unlimited (Money And Gems)

Download the latest version of this monsters game with unlimited diamonds and gems and listen to various songs from monsters of different islands. Customize the monsters and islands on which they are living. Play online with friends and family to get some fun.
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Jun 28, 2023
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My singing monsters mod apk is a musical game in which you feed the monsters to help them grow and sing. You take care of these monsters to win awards from the song-singing competition from their mouths. Users customize their favorite monsters according to their taste. There are about 30 kinds of monsters that are available in this version.

Players can unlock all other characters of the monsters with this provided modified version. The most exciting thing is that every monster has a different singing voice. In fact, the monsters are kind and don’t harm anybody; their purpose is to sing and get awarded at favorite islands. The monsters sing the songs for their creator and arrange a music battle for other players’ entertainment.

My Singing Monsters Mod Apk Free Download

The Appeal Game Play Of My Singing Monsters

One of the key attractions of the game is its engaging gameplay. Players are encouraged to explore different islands, each with its unique theme and set of monsters. They unlock new monsters, decorations, and structures as they progress, adding depth to their musical wonderland.

Here your role is to breed the monsters in the miniature garden. The monsters beat the drum and mix the eggs and hatch to create a unique sound on the island. Monsters usually create 3D-format sounds. This game has its own goal level if you that rewarded with the best things.

Advantages of Using The Mod Apk

As you progress in the game, you’ll stumble upon rare, exotic monsters with extraordinary vocal abilities. These rare melodies will leave you awe-struck and wanting to explore more.

Unlimited Diamonds & Gems

This game provides players unlimited in-game resources, such as coins and diamonds, enabling faster progress and more extensive customization options. Players can unlock various characters through unlimited rewards and gems, enhancing the monster’s skills and abilities.

When the number of monsters increases, the music in the background becomes thicker to a lonely solo in no chorus choir. You can also buy the new islands where other monsters sing new songs.

Unique and Adorable Monsters

The game boasts an impressive collection of charming monsters. Each monster is meticulously designed, with its distinctive appearance and musical flair. Players become emotionally attached to their monsters, making the experience more personal and enjoyable.

List Of Monsters

  1. Mammott: A rotund, blue, furry monster resembling a woolly mammoth.
  2. Toe Jammer: A two-headed monster with four legs resembling a cross between a frog and a bird.
  3. Potbelly: A round, pink monster with small arms and a big belly.
  4. Noggin: A small, round, and yellow monster with a single horn on its head.
  5. Fwog: A tadpole-like monster with large eyes and a mellow expression.
  6. Maw: A purple, cat-like monster with a big mouth and long whiskers.
  7. Shrubb: A bush-like creature with colorful leaves and a gentle demeanor.
  8. Dandidoo: A yellow, plant-like monster with a dandelion head and musical pipes.
  9. Quibble: A purple, owl-like creature with large eyes and feathered wings.
  10. Cybop: A robotic, one-eyed monster with mechanical wings and a glowing core.
  11. Spunge: A sponge-like monster with a friendly smile and aquatic features.
  12. Thumpies: Rotund, four-armed monsters with drum-like protrusions on their heads.
  13. Scups: A bluish, fish-like monster with musical bubbles floating around.
  14. PomPom: A fluffy, round monster with bunny-like ears and a bobbing tail.
  15. Congle: A conga drum-inspired monster with vibrant colors and a musical drum on its back.
  16. Pango: A small, pangolin-inspired monster with a curling tail and harmonica-like features.
  17. Drumpler: A drum-like monster with multiple drumsticks on its head.
  18. Kayna: A fiery, bird-like monster with musical feathers.
  19. Flowah: A flower-inspired monster with colorful petals and a trumpet-like feature.

Breeding Mechanics

Breeding is crucial, allowing players to create new and rare monsters by combining specific combinations. The mystery surrounding breeding outcomes adds an element of surprise, encouraging players to experiment and discover new musical marvels.

Island Creation

The players craft their personalized musical havens by designing and arranging habitats for various charming and musically gifted monsters. They can strategically position these creatures, each with its own distinctive sound and musical talents, to create harmonious and melodic arrangements.

The process allows players to express their creativity, shaping unique and enchanting islands. There the monsters coexist and produce captivating melodies for players to enjoy.

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Hatching and Collecting Monsters

Every player begins with a basic monster and can gradually hatch and collect more monsters by purchasing or breeding them. Each monster’s distinct appearance and sound contribute to the musical ensemble.

Feeding and Leveling Up

Monsters need to be fed regularly to keep them happy. As monsters are fed, they level up and become better at singing or playing musical instruments. Higher-level monsters produce more captivating sounds.

Creating Melodies

As players place different monsters on their islands, they interact with each other to create unique musical harmonies and melodies. The arrangement of monsters and their habitats determines the overall musical composition.

Decorations and Structures

Players can use decorations and structures to enhance their islands’ visual appeal and improve the performance of their monsters. Some decorations may also provide bonuses or rewards.


Participate in various musical battles and replace buildings, trees, buying food and feed to the monsters. Completion of goals gets you awarded. Customize the monsters of your own choice. Your purpose is to help them so they can easily sing. The more they raise their voices, the more you enjoy.

Social Interaction

You can go online with your friends anywhere in the world. Players can connect the game to social platforms to visit other players’ islands, listen to their musical creations, and exchange gifts. There’s no prohibition on how many friends play the game.

When different players interact with each other, it becomes much more interesting. Mixing many monsters’ voices makes the best melodious voice. Social interactions add a fun and cooperative aspect to the game.

Buying Costumes

Users can purchase new costumes for the unlocked monsters; it depends upon the player what they shop for the singing monsters. Even you customize the monster and the island where they live.

Graphics And Recorded Voices

The graphics of the game is a quite impressive and beautiful design. While selecting a new character from the menu, they can change the avatar, voice, and islands. If you want to record and listen to the monster’s voice, there will be an option regarding trace checking.

If you don’t like the voice of any monster, you have the mute option on the screen. The characters and the interface of the game are splendid in every aspect.

Mod Features

  • Unlimited diamonds and gems.
  • No ads in the game.
  • No need to root the device.
  • Online play with friends.
  • Own islands.
  • Unlocked everything
  • Play online with friends.
  • Hd graphics.
  • Free OBB + Mod Menu
  • Auto update to the latest version.
  • Free shopping
  • Limitless coins.
  • Easy controls.
How to Install My Singing Monsters

  1. Click on the given download button.
  2. Your downloading link will be started within 10 seconds.
  3. Enable thirds party sources “Unknown Sources” from the device setting.
  4. Click on the install button.
  5. Congrats, you have successfully installed the game.
  6. Play the game and enjoy its unlocked features.
How To Install On PC

  • Download the latest version of Bluestacks.
  • Install it on your pc.
  • Open bluestacks and upload the moded app in the upload section
  • Run the game and enjoy.
Is It safe to download And play mod apk?

Yes, it is 100% safe to download and install this game. We tested it ourselves.

Final Words

My singing monsters mod apk gives you all the pro features which aren’t available in the Play Store version. This game is about a class of monsters who sing melodiously. All the monsters have unique voices and sing together to make new sounds on other islands. My singing monsters exchanged cards and soundtracks for the presentation. Just download and install to enjoy premium features.


Will My Singing Monsters is compatible with all devices?

Yes, it supports almost all android devices.

Does it provide free unlimited diamonds and gems?

Yes, it has unlimited diamonds and coins.

What's new

IN THIS UPDATE: • Single-Element Ethereals on the Colossingum • NEW Quests and Elemental Moves in Battle Mode • NEW Costumes for Ethereals to collect • NEW Colossal Conundrum: Water Island • Month of the Mythical 2 continues!



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